David Burgis is a writer and animator, based in Los Angeles. He wrote the preschool cartoon Super Max Adventures for Nelvana, and is a story producer for the sci-fi comedy Voyage to the Stars on Earwolf. His stop-motion horror short film “No Monsters Allowed” has played and won awards at over 16 festivals around the world and is streaming on Amazon now.

In addition to his work for Nelvana and Earwolf, he’s written for games and podcasts, and been published in Slackjaw, Haunted MTL, and Parcast. He’s worked with Netflix Animation, Legendary Studios, and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

His work is earnest, and light-hearted, but with a special interest in dark fairy tales. When not writing or animating, he camps, reads history books, and tries to brainstorm more fun things to say in biographies.