Here are links to some pieces I’ve written. Please reach out for writing samples.

Film/TV/Game writing

The Super Max Adventures!
9-episodes of a preschool show for Nelvana

Monochrome RPG
Quest writer for 1920s-set RPG

Waking Up
Horror comic published on Haunted MTL

Podcasts/Live comedy

Voyage to the Stars
Co-writer/Story Producer for comedy podcast on Earwolf

Conspiracy Theories: The Spear of Destiny 
Wrote an episode of a true-crime podcast for ParCast

Screwed Up
Parody podcast sketch

Wrote daily trivia questions/scripts for trivia app published by Mammoth Media

Wrote and developed a live show for the Hollywood Improv

Written Comedy

When Did Purges Get So Corporate?
Comedy Essay on PointsInCase.com

5 Ways to Stop Your New Kitten from Biting You
Comedy Essay on Funny-ish.com

Too Hot to Handle: Social Distancing Edition
Comedy Essay on Slackjaw Comedy